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It is Time to Say Goodbye

Dear friends of NanoGrans,

We hope that you have had a lovely summer despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and that you and yours are safe and well. Let’s hope for a clement fall so we can continue to be out and about even if it is just on our balconies or in our backyards.

With regret, Judy and Tanis have decided to give up NanoGrans. We have found the time required to produce a weekly or even bi-weekly blog is more significant than we anticipated and our many other commitments are piling up. We need to address them and still have free time to explore projects and life goals on our bucket lists. We will miss the camaraderie of blog writing, but Tanis, at least, will not miss having a commitment with a fixed deadline!

Nanograns has been a novel, engaging and positive experience for us. We have spent a great deal of virtual time together discussing our ideas, along with (of course) sharing observations about our family and how to fix everything that is wrong in the world! It has been a very special bonding experience as conversation flowed in all directions. Both of us will miss the need for almost daily conversations. Through NanoGrans both of us are more comfortable with how the internet and the computer works. We hope that NanoGrans has given you an “aha” moment or two as well.

Thank you so much for being great supporters of NanoGrans. Your comments and questions gave us the opportunity to explore questions of well-being, purpose and longevity, and ideas for realistic personal contribution to “moving the yardsticks”. There is so much to think about - how we collectively will move forward in the coming years; how we improve our ability to better truly understand our societal inequities; and how they can best be addressed with thoughtful personal action and will.

Our parting find - we all enjoyed Jane Fonda's "Life's Third Act" TEDtalk. If you're looking for an engaging way to spend 10 minutes, we highly recommend.

Thank you again for supporting us and be well!

- The NanoGrans

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