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Summertime and the living is easy....

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago, we suggested that NanoGrans would write a blog every two weeks during the summer period. On reflection of family plans, large and small, we have decided to put NanoGrans on pause until the fall.

As we embarked on our blogging adventure, Jen pointed us to links that would expose us to tech developments and support groups for the aging. One was Aging 2.0, which essentially is a portal to a network of innovators working to ease the complications of aging. Its worldwide organisation of local chapters has given us access to diverse webinars relating to aging. We both attended a webinar hosted by the Los Gatos Chapter and were fascinated by how innovative uses of tech at a long term care facility there have helped brighten the residents lives (More about our discoveries as to how tech is being creatively applied to improve quality of life for aging in place in a future blog).

Their main webpage is for the international organization, and it has many threads. Here are three we find most useful. To browse presentations given already, check out their Blog under “Thought Leadership” in the main menu - just keep pressing the “Keep Reading” button - the list goes on and on. Secondly, find upcoming webinars by signing up for the newsletter “Coverage” (cute name) also under “Thought Leadership” or browse “Chapter Events” under “Chapters” in the main menu. Thirdly, if you want some guidance on what might be considered in your personal aging plans, “Grand Challenges” gives a sense of how professionals in the field see the challenges of aging,

Joining Toronto’s Aging 2.0 Chapter introduced Judy to Laura, the principal behind Mykigai. Myikigai is a word “encompassing a sense of purpose e.g. in aging and the priceless value of experience.” Laura wants to “create opportunities, share ideas and possibly your own expertise with other like-minded individuals”. For example, Mykigai moderated a conversation between Jake Gold (Canadian Idol judge and music manager, including 17 years as manager for the Tragically Hip) and Alan Cross, (Canadian broadcaster and host of “Ongoing History of New Music”). It was a fascinating interview with interesting anecdotes and glimpses into our musical past.

In June, Laura launched her first community experience with a Careers Round Table on Agism with David Ing, a former executive with IBM. The next evening, Cocktail Hour, saw Lucien Postlewaite (Principal ballet dancer The National Ballet) making health-conscious cocktails. Now that is the kind of aging we enjoy! Last week, we met John Hamblin from Nova Scotia as he chatted about tech innovation/ inventions for successful aging in place. His enthusiasm, drive, political and personal commitment are contagious and he works hard to “move the needle” with governmental action. Laura has a newsletter that highlights current topics of interest and upcoming planned events.


Judy’s personal takeaway is that it is exciting and satisfying to be part of an emerging platform that values their community’s ideas. Because of the Los Gatos webinar, Tanis is pretty sure a personal assistant like Alexa or Siri is in her near future. Mainly because she loves gadgets but also, dear reader, so she can report back to you on the experience of having her every word listened to.

Have a safe and pleasant summer. Keep well. Keep cool.

The NanoGrans

P.S. Several blogs ago, Judy purchased three books of poetry by Sharon Olds - Arias, Odes, and Stag’s Leap. She has read them and wow!!!!! Poets are considered to be the seers of their age. Sharon’s work is feminist, sexual and sensual, deeply personal and poignant, autobiographical, amusing and heart breaking. The poems are a mirror of our lives, pleasures and disappointments. A pleasure to read, reflect, laugh and be in a puddle of tears. Try “Ode to my Living Friends” January 2010.

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